Animation has always fascinated me. From making crude stop motion films on my Dad’s gigantic video camera, to my University dissertation¬† which was on the History and Development of animation. With all aspects of design, even though the tools have changed the basic principals remain the same.¬†¬†


Private Equity Tax Explainer

Client: Wall Street Journal
Explainer video created for Wall Street Journal explaining how Private equity firms avoid tax. The idea was to create a simple visual that would be easy to understand even for people with no experience in finance. The video garnered over 200,000 views on Youtube
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Blockchain explainer animation

Client: Financial News
While freelancing in the News UK building in London I was tasked with an explainer video, which would illustrate the details of Blockchain technologies in an easy to digest way. It was a very short turnaround time so simplicity was the key, but it proved to be successful, with over 160,000 views on Youtube
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M O O D – A short animation

Client: Personal
Just a short animation test with something that I found funny at the time. Simple wobbly animation style. Made in Adobe Animate

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