Pear Tree Mead Academy

The Pear Tree Mead Academy is a Primary School based in Harlow, Essex. 

Their website had become quite dated, in terms of the style/design and the technology. Most importantly the site wasn’t optimised for mobile users. With over half of all website traffic being viewed on mobile devices now, the importance of making the site responsive to fit all devices can’t be overstated.

As you can see by this screenshot the site also had a dated feel in terms of the illustration and general design.

Pear Tree Mead old website

The school’s classes are divided into years and then further down into seperate classes, which are named after plants or trees. I used a lot of custom fields to categorise all the relevant content for each class, then created this easy to use slider which brings you to all the information and document downloads etc. for that class.

Pear Tree Mead class selector

Due to the amount of information for each class the text was broken down into sections with expandable text areas, that way any parent could see all the information at a glance and then drill down further to reach the specific part they’re after. 

The whole site was made on a WordPress backend (or CMS – content management system), which means that any member of staff, after a brief explanation, can add News posts to the site, or documents that can be downloaded by the parents.

The site also hosts information about each individual teacher, as well as galleries, an events calendar and detailed information about all aspects of school life.

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