LOCO Protein Powder

For this project the client needed a complete new brand, built from the ground up.

The products are a range of protein powders with ‘adaptogenic’ herbs added; The latest health trend sweeping the fitness industry. The plan with the look of the brand was to strike a balance between healthy/natural and scientifically proven, which is what these herbs are. Protein powder packaging tends to fall into 2 categories; Either very aggressive, dark colours, or the organic/vegan side. The aim was to sit somewhere in between the 2.

Thornwood Group

This Essex based Office Fit-out company needed company-wide branding. I created a range of logos which incorporated their location, and company’s namesake, with an abstract tree that could be used on their website as well as throughout their on site and office based equipment.

NEO Gym, Calpé

A new gym in Spain needed a new identity. I worked with the owners to create their new branding which has been a big success. The gym is doing a great trade as well as selling merchandise featuring their new simple logo

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