Bevelini Mediterranean produce

Bevelini had a brochure but no website to list their products and to tell customers about their ethos and company history. I worked with them creating a spreadsheet which would upload all of their products into their respective categories which images and descriptions.

Pear Tree Mead Academy

This Primary School in Harlow, Essex, needed my help to update and refresh their website, which was dated technically and visually.
This meant a complete overhaul of the site to bring it up to modern web standards, as well as making it responsive for all devices.

Desperate Measures cocktail delivery service

This was a business born out of the Pandemic. Brainchild of cocktail waitress Phoebe, the website allows people to order pre-mixed cocktails straight to their doors. Due to the time-sensitive nature we had to work hard to get this website functional and up and running quickly. Using a Wordpress CMS and Woocommerce to manage the shop side of things we had it all up and running within a few weeks.

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